For Children

Child stage is very important for life. Lifelong learning has started from this stage. The whole life learning also depends on this period. Education about conservation has a strong influence on the extent to which student become committed to arguments for conserving species and habitats (Tim Caro, 2003). This depends on the successful implementation of educational program. Educational tourism ensures this type education system. So, awareness and education regarding forest conservation have been successfully implemented by educational tourism in child level.

There are some reasons of including forest conservation in child education

  • The environmental awareness regarding forest area will underpin the implementation of the education plan.
  • The forest based educational tourism will be to inform and entertain, and to ensure that school children are familiar with the forest resources.
  • Disseminate information regarding the forest ecology to the children, the flora and fauna especially those related to native, endemic and endangered species.
  • Learning about conservation would make students more sympathetic to the awareness of environment.
  • To promote the development of the nation and of individual citizens.
  • Learn about and engage the children with environmental issues in their communities and within wider national discussion.
  • To discuss the environmental concerns are helpful to understand the national and international environmental legislation.