Safari rules and regulations

  • ALL VISITORS SHALL CARRY Identity card with name and address, issued by the government (such as Aadhaar/ Driving License /Voter ID / Passport) any one of the above
  • There will be no toilet breaks during the Safari
  • Visitors have to maintain silence during the safari. Visitors should not peep out and put their hands outside the safari vehicle. 
  • Visitors shall not alight from the vehicle at any given point of time and shall strictly follow the instructions given by driver / nature guide/ department officials. 
  • It is advised to keep your mobile phones in silent / flight / switch off mode during entire safari trip.
  • Visitors should follow all the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and
    Family Welfare, GoI and follow COVID appropriate behaviour (CAB).
  • Making loud noises, teasing and feeding wildlife, disposing of plastic waste, spitting, consumption of liquor, smoking, use of narcotic drugs etc is strictly prohibited during the safari, if violations are reported, fine will be imposed.
  • Unauthorised entry/movement inside the Tiger Reserve is a punishable offence
  • A minimum of 10 seats per vehicle per trip need to be booked for the safari to operate.
  • Safari or all other tourism activities are undertaken only by the department and not entrusted to any travel agency or any individuals.
  • No cancellation and option for Safari Tickets if the visitors don’t turn up as per the booking details.
  • Nagarahole Tiger Reserve reserves the rights to cancel the bookings in case of unavoidable circumstances. Such cases will be refunded.